PDO Camp

PDO Camp
  • Client : Petroleum Development of Oman
  • Location : Rabab Harweel, Oman


The proposed master plan of the complex aims at developing an integrated accommodation facility for 250 staff, offices and workshops along with all common amenities and infrastructure. The proposed site is located close to the Marmul Thumrait main road and it is 60 km from the Marmul airport. The entire complex is divided into residential zone, office zone and service zone. The main accommodation building is designed as a radial organization.It consists of central recreation area and the linear residential blocks extended in a radial manner. All the common amenities are centrally located from each of the accommodation blocks. The accommodation wings are designed with doubly loaded corridors and typical standard single rooms. Facilities of international standards have been provided for recreation. The main residential area is integrated with extensive landscaping, water features and a plaza at the main entry area.

The Brief

Salient Features

30 Buildings in the entire premises, Extensive landscape features, Five Star facilities.